Poppy seed powder "Aker Fassi"

“Aker Fassi” is a blend of poppy seed powder and pomegranate peel; it is commonly known in Morocco as “Dam Al Ghazal” or “Gazelle’s Blood.” It owes this name to its vermilion red hue, a vibrant matte red, very captivating.

Made from poppy flower petals and bright red pomegranate peels, the recipe for Aker el Fassi is ancient and well-guarded. Indeed, Aker originates from the beauty rituals and refinement of Berber women since ancient times. The poppy petals and pomegranate peels are delicately dried in the shade in a well-ventilated and sunny place, limiting the time to avoid darkening of the petals and loss of their natural pigments. Once dried, they are meticulously pounded by hand until they form finely shimmering flakes.

What are the benefits of Aker Fassi?

  1. Natural Dye: Aker Fassi is used as a natural dye in various cosmetic preparations, enhancing the skin and providing a subtle glow with its pinkish veil.
  2. Rich in Antioxidants: Some believe that Aker Fassi is rich in antioxidants due to its red color, attributed to the natural pigments present in cochineal. Antioxidants are known for their ability to neutralize free radicals in the body, thereby contributing to cellular health.
  3. Potential Source of Nutrients: While specific information about the nutrients contained in Aker Fassi is limited, it is suggested that it may contain minerals and other beneficial compounds for health, due to its natural sources of origin.
  4. For Lips: In lipstick or balm compositions, Aker Fassi preserves lips from dryness, offering a natural, discreet, and long-lasting makeup. The delicate application with a finger, previously moistened in the powder, provides a vibrant matte brick-red tint, giving the effect of bitten lips.
  5. For Face: Paired with rose hydrosol, Aker Fassi revives the radiance of the face and awakens tired complexions. Mixed with ghassoul and rose water in a mask, it targets oily skin while enhancing skin brightness. Its application on wet cheeks or combined with a usual day cream offers a natural light “healthy glow” effect.
  6. For Body: By adding a tiny amount to a body cream, Aker Fassi provides a natural tan. Integrated into black soap (beldi), it acts by exfoliating the skin of impurities, infusing it with a sensation of freshness.
  7. For Hair: Integrated into shampoos or conditioners, it becomes a revitalizing and nourishing treatment. Paired with henna in hair care, following the practices of Berber women, it intensifies red highlights and adds softness to the hair.