Black soap with ghassoul and rosemary essential oil

Black soap, or Beldi black soap, originating from Morocco, is made from olive oil and macerated black olives. It is prized for its deep cleansing power and is well-known for its use in hammams for exfoliating the skin. It contains natural exfoliating particles that help rid the skin of dead cells and leave it silky smooth. This black soap combines the purifying properties of ghassoul with the toning benefits of rosemary. Ghassoul, a natural mineral clay rich in minerals and trace elements such as iron, zinc…, has cleansing, soothing, absorbing, and regenerating properties. Rosemary essential oil is appreciated for its toning properties that revitalize the skin, giving it a firmer appearance. Furthermore, its fresh and invigorating aroma offers a stimulating sensation, infusing energy and vitality during the use of the soap.

Ingredients of natural

Vegan and cruelty-free

All skin types